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National Pension Fund
The current projection of the Fund's Actuary indicates that the Fund will become insolvent sometime during the Plan Year May 1, 2022 thru April 30, 2023 under the current governing laws. In light of the implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic, please be advised that a new projection is underway but will not be available until late summer/early fall following completion of the Fund's annual Actuarial Valuation and Financial Statements.

NOTE: All stakeholders should be cautious and realize that if the Fund was to encounter unfavorable investment results in the current or future years, the date of insolvency could be accelerated because of the fragile financial condition of the Fund. The most current Annual Funding Notice and Critical and Declining Status Notice can be viewed by clicking on the link for the   August 2019 Pension Communicator
Update Regarding Pending Fund Insolvency